DietBlog: Stayed the same. I actually expected to have a gain, considering how the wheels came off a bit after the Food & Wine Show last weekend. But I’d evidently done enough earlier in the week to compensate, so I’m going to count that as a win! The meeting was pretty fun; Karen and I both showed off our “before” pictures (much to the shock of the new people). It’s funny – whenever I bring out the “troll” picture people actually get confused, like they’re trying to figure out where I am in the photo. I’m like, “Right there! The big fat one in the middle!” A customer in the shop today actually said to me, “There used to be another American girl who worked here. I remember she was going to Vegas to get married…” And I said, “That’s me!” “NO.” “Yep. Just fifty pounds lighter and with a new hair colour!” Pretty amusing.

I had a new realization at the meeting tonight – I’ve become one of the “skinny beeyotches” that tormented me on my first night. Well, no, they didn’t really, but at the meetings now I’m super cognizant of the fact that new people might wonder what I’m doing there. And that makes me feel guilty… so then I feel like I overcompensate by trying to establish my WW cred.


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  1. Good to see that you are still having some fun at the meetings even when you think that the “wheels have came off a bit”. (Note – Some Irish wool is on route to Sydney)

  2. Woohoo! Great to have you back, Jonathan!

  3. Thanks, not just yet. Still have to visit the Crown in Hook, the Rat and Parrot in West Hampstead and nurse a suspected broken toe.

  4. Yowch! Okay, I may skip tomorrow’s meeting then if you’re still gadding about old Blighty… 🙂

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