Differential diagnosis… I have a suspected case of gastritis. I’ve got a prescription for super antacid and a proscription from spicy foods, ibuprofen, and alcohol. But on the upside – I’m definitely not pregnant!


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  1. well I’m glad you finally went to the doctor.

  2. Well, I actually went to the doctor three weeks ago… but it was my hippie, bulk-billing, third-world Newtown doctor who listened to me for two seconds and handed me a prescription for antibiotics. Snookums insisted I go to the Broadway and pay to see a real scientist. He poked and prodded and tested my pee, and said that he doesn’t think a bacterial infection or ulcer is involved (though it could be). I have to go back in a week to get my test results, but if his suspicions are right, these new pills should have me feeling better in a few days.

  3. I too am glad you went to the doctor to alleviate any misleadings. I understand the stress of thinking you are pregnant. Of course, with the case of gastritis or an ulcer, stress just exacerbates the whole situation. Get well soon! Stomach discomfort, regardless of the cause, is never very fun.

  4. Just passing through and saw you were a Hoosier in Australia! Indiana is finally warm and summer is here. A pic for you from Indiana:

  5. well done Snook

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