Happy birthday to my little sister, who is celebrating her 27th birthday today. It’s also the last birthday she’ll ever have without also being a Mom. (That is so weird.) I’ve arranged a little surprise for her…

Later: Success! Three half-gallons of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream were just delivered to her office… courtesy of a completely random person on the Internet. It all started last week when I decided that my sister needed something sweet for her birthday. Being thwarted in my attempts to order online, I turned to AskMetaFilter. Amongst the suggestions of (expensive) ice cream delivery companies, a lovely person called FuzzyVerde volunteered to do the delivery herself. She even got a festive cooler with ice in case Amy didn’t have freezer space at work. My sister loved it. Is this a heartwarming story or what? Thanks, FuzzyVerde!

Even later: Now I’ve got all MetaFilter talking about random acts of kindness…


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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WHAT IS IT? i can’t take this anymore. i think i need to see a therapist for my birthday sneakiness. it’s reached an all-time, embarrassing low. i have already begged dan to tell me what this mysterious surprise is…don’t worry, he won’t budge. he likes to torture me too. :'(

  2. I LOVE Cold Stone Creamery! YUMMMMM

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