Hello, Brisbane!

Hello, Brisbane!
You wouldn’t think a person could rattle on for three full minutes in a radio interview about the “Knit and Quit” classes her shop is running WITHOUT ACTUALLY MENTIONING THE NAME OF THE SHOP. But oh yes, it can be done (1.9MB MP3). That’s me on Brisbane Radio 4BC this morning. In my defense, it was really early and I assumed they’d have mentioned the shop in my intro. But they didn’t. Instead I managed to namecheck both Patons and the WoolBaa and bring up the stupid bikini anecdote AGAIN. Sometimes I’m too stupid to exist. So much for my fifteen minutes of fame!

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  1. You sound positive, encouraging, and ubeat. I am sorry you didn’t mention the name of your shop. 🙂 However, is the station linking anything to you via their website?

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