Snakes on a Plane

Oh dear God. This is going to be all over the Internet in five minutes, but this Snakes on a Plane promotion is BRILLIANT. You enter your friend’s name and details, and it generates a clip of Samuel L. Jackson exhorting your friend to go see the movie. The best part is, you can actually send it via phone if you’re in the US! (The rest of us have to use e-mail.) Too bad it’s past the curfew or my sister’d be answering a call from Samuel L. as we speak.


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  1. THAT IS AWESOME!! I just sent a message to my husband from Samuel L. Rockin’!

  2. If the title isn’t enough to reel people in to want to see this movie, as it did me, then this should TOTALLY seal the deal!

  3. so very cool! i’m setting my sister up…

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