Picnic at Hanging Rock

I just watched Picnic at Hanging Rock for the first time. Now I’m going to go to bed and have nightmares about scary black cliff faces to the sounds of Zamfir’s panflute for the next seven hours…


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  1. One of my favourite top three films! So much to love and analyse in it. And yes, damn creepy. I once read a really interesting article about how it and Twin Peaks could seem to be set in the same universe, but I can’t find a link online.

  2. The funny thing is, I didn’t think it was very scary while I was watching it. I was like, “Woo. More of the rock. This is lame.” And then two hours later when I was going to bed… suddenly the house seemed very, very dark and ominous.

    Have you seen this guy’s solution? His is hilariously mundane, while the book’s 18th chapter sounds hilariously sci-fi. I guess it’s better they left it vague.

  3. It’s completely plausible, but rather simplistic isn’t it?

    I bought the missing chapter when it first came out, and ended up taking it to a second hand book store immediately, I hated it so much. I much prefer it being vague, and making up your own interpretation. I think there is too much symbolism for freedom and ascension for it to be entirely dismissed as a simple rock fall. The girls knew something was drawing them, after all it has been “waiting… just for us”.
    But I could babble about this for hours, so will stop 🙂

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