Liquids on a Plane!

This whole Liquids on a Plane thing is RIDICULOUS. (Though that poster is genius.) Are you telling me that the next time I fly to the US, I have to go 14 hours without a water bottle or a tube of Chapstick? Not to mention the fact that I’ll have to wear my glasses (since contact lens solution is verboten). I’d step off the plane looking like a dried-out, chapped-lips ZOMBIE. Looks like we’re stuck in Oz for a while!


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  1. Apparently they earlier foiled a plot to blow up a plane by putting explosive liquid into contact lens solution bottles. I’d be in a worse sitch than you – I don’t have (can’t have) any glasses as backup! But I think the worst thing would be a whole flight with *no book*!!! No knitting, no ipod. Sounds like hell to me.

  2. My question is, are they still going to allow people to use the restroom on an airplane? Isn’t there liquid in there and I would guess mixed with the right dry substances could also be volatile?

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