Sock Wars

Sock Wars. Ohhhh, I just may have to do this! It’s the game of Assassin with a twist: instead of shooting your target with a water pistol, you have to knit them a pair of socks. How cool is that? Anybody else (Miss Fee? M-H?) want to join in? (Link courtesy of crumpet.)


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  1. I thought I’d use the Hot Socks yarn you made me buy from Lincraft, so long as I get gauge with it. :p

  2. That’s what I was planning too! 🙂 (I’ve got ten balls of the stuff.)

  3. I’m keen how do I do it?

  4. I think we just e-mail her before the 8th of September. I’m still trying to decide if I can spare a few furious days of sock knitting… (Really I’m just trying to deal with the reality that I won’t get to wear my cabled jacket til next winter, no matter how fast I knit at this point.)

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