I was reading AskMetaFilter yesterday when I came across this comment, which mentioned that the commenter had been stalked at work for years. He pointed to a webpage he’d made about the alleged stalker. Whoa! My attention was snared by the intrigue and scandal of drama amongst the weirdy-beardy anti-censorship geek crowd. It’s fascinating. From there I followed a link to the alleged stalker’s site, where I was surprised to see him asking where all the traffic was coming from. So I told him. I have to say though, part of me was wary of saying anything for fear I’d start being harassed too! (Hence my careful insistence on the use of the word “alleged” in this post.)


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  1. In fairness, could you please note the huge amount of evidence that those smears are a fabrication of a domain-hijacker, who received many complaints, and note the real story?

    You have no idea how painful it is for me to see these vicious attacks being believed, and reposted and publicized without the slightest investigation as to their falsity.

    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

  2. Oops, that is by me, Seth Finkelstein, the target of the attacks (I have a policy against posting anonmously on this matter, to guard aganst forgery – posts can be verified if necessary by e-mailing sethf at-sign

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