Idol Semifinal Roundup
(It’s the last one, I promise.) I ended up going 7-for-8 with my Final 8 predictions, which isn’t bad! Bobby went through (yay!) along with Joseph (meh). Of the second group of ladies, I really enjoyed Raechel‘s performance of “Dumb Things.” She seems like a great girl, but not quite enough star-quality for Idol. The less said about Rebecca and Jessica the better, I think. Lavina was awesome and I’m happy to have her be this year’s “diva.” (I don’t get Holden’s negative comments towards her though.) Does anyone not like Lisa? My sixteen-year-old self soooo wants to be her, it’s ridiculous. And how funny was it when Kyle announced her as possibly “the best thing this country’s ever produced musically,” and the camera cut to the holding pen where Lydia was very obviously the only person in the WHOLE STUDIO not on their feet clapping? Her performance bored me to tears, too. More Whitney friggin’ Houston. (Wasn’t Holden supposed to commit hara-kiri at that or something?) So Lisa and Lavina went through as God intended.

Now, the wildcards. Quite frankly, I was surprised at how many guys were selected. I thought they were trying to keep everything 50-50 male/female this year? I’m still fairly happy with who was selected though. I’m hoping for Chris, Brendan, and Ricky to make it through, and maybe one of the girls. I just wish Klancie would stop bawling all the time!