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Last night’s Idol: I’m not votin’ but my picks keep on getting through! I was thrilled to see Jessica and Reigan make the Top 12. As for the boys, I really enjoyed Ricky‘s performance, and if we have to have a smooth RnB type, I say we go with him. I couldn’t even watch Chris, such was the awkwardness of the white boy dancing. How great was Bobby? His voice is amazing and that song has me mesmerized. He just looked so full of joy to be performing. (I had to laugh when Kyle referred to him as “Sideshow Bobby” though. I don’t get how Holden can call Damien “bog ugly” and yet not call out the Wonderful Freakiness that is Bobby Flynn.) James failed to capitalize on my good will (attained by passing him in the street) and rather bored me with his intense constipation face. Joseph may have cute dimples but I was totally bored by his performance and fast-forwarded through most of it. And “Mutto”? I liked the song, but he didn’t really build it anywhere. I also felt his posturing and hamming for the camera – crouching melodramatically, singing in Kyle’s face – were a little distracting. Oh, and he has cross eyes. So I’m mentally voting for Ricky and Bobby.


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  1. australian idol sounds better than the rubbish we get over here :]
    Nice site, I came across it from your Roald Dahl one.

  2. If Lisa makes it through it will be *very* interesting.

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