Beaconsfield Scarf

“We’re sending our love scarf down the well…”
It’s kinda glurgeworthy, but I feel compelled to report that the folks of Beaconsfield are asking for help knitting a massive scarf to commemorate this year’s mine disaster. It’s supposed to be 925 meters long, because that’s how far down the two guys were trapped.


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  1. Just this morning I read how Dave Grohl is going to buy those guys beers when he’s touring in Austrailia because they requested Foo Fighters to be played while they were trapped. He said something to the effect of “not one or two beers; we’re going to make a big night out of it…”

    I wonder how long I’d need to get trapped somewhere before Dave Grohl would take me out for a night on the tiles?

  2. It’s especially funny because only one of the guys is a Foo Fighters fan. The other one likes country… 🙂

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