Australians all let us rejoice!
The letter has arrived, and yours truly is going to become a genuine citizen of this fine nation three weeks from tomorrow! If any of you feel like attending – which will probably entail chucking a sickie, as they’ve scheduled me for a Friday afternoon – the ceremony is on September 29th at 3:30pm in the Sydney City Council Chambers, Lord Mayor’s Reception Room at the Town Hall. (I wonder if that means Clover’s going to be there?) We will, of course, be holding the promised bigass Kris Becomes Strine Party BBQ on the following day (which happens to be the AFL Grand Final – how appropriate!).


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  1. damn damn damn, I gotta work on the 29th…..but maybe I *cough* could *cough* come down with something *cough* on that day….

    If not, we will DEFINATELY be there for the BBQ. You SO need to film the ceremony.

    congrats girlie

  2. Congratulations ! I’ll be on a bus to Byron for a wedding, but I’ll crack open a tinnie in your honour;)

  3. What’s AFL? 😉 Congratulations! Maybe I’ll have to follow your example. I just keep putting it off… I’d rather be a kiwi than an Aussie in this world, but I think I probably pretty much am a de facto Aussie so I should make it official.

  4. Thanks! And man, you should really get that checked out, Amy. It sounds serious. 🙂

    I see your point, M-H, but really, all it came down to for me was that the only practical difference is that I have to vote and serve on juries. And you know what? I think those are reasonable demands to make of people who live here. I care enough to do that. Having an Aussie passport is just a bonus. (Yay! I can go to Cuba!)

  5. Congratulations. Perhaps you’ll have an experience to top that of a friend of mine in Adelaide who turned up to his naturalization ceremony at the Norwood Town Hall, besuited and with his wife, all respectful-like. It was their lucky day, the mayor was doing the ceremony. He even gave a little speech! – where he told them a story (meant to illustrate his thoughts on the beauty of the immigrant experience) about how years ago he’d started the process for emigrating to New Zealand – and how he really wished he’d gone through with it!

  6. Hey, congrats. I have just passed my interview & am waiting for my letter as well. I hope mine arrives as quickly as yours– they told me 3-6 months.

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