HP5 Stills

Some sweet high-res stills from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix were released online today. I like the short hair! I also covet Hermione’s yoked fairisle jumper. (Link courtesy of Kevin.)


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  1. that’s the last thing i needed…daniel radcliffe to get any HOTTER! uggh! oh, and i pictured dolores umbridge to be way fatter. but i guess she does look stern and sweetly-sick enough for the role…

  2. That’s exactly what Katie said.

  3. He is hotter. I’m sorry to say that the Weasley twins’ dye job looks *horrible* in that group photo though. Poor guys! It’s funny how some of them have really changed looks – like Neville, and even Harry to an extent – while good ol’ Rupert Grint just looks exactly the same every year.

  4. hmmm… i liked his hair in the last film better. but, this is just one pic, so i may change my mind…

  5. THAT’S Dolores? That’s crap! She doesn’t look like a frog at all.
    But Daniel is pretty damn HOT, baby!

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