Finger length

“Finger length gives sports clue.” Huh. I always heard that women whose ring fingers were longer than their index fingers were more likely to be lesbians. (Who told me that? Kel?) At any rate, I just did a highly scientific study of my own fingers using the knuckle bend as the starting point. And guess what? My ring finger is longer too! I guess I really should commit to running a marathon next year. (And leaving the Snook for another woman. JUST KIDDING!)


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  1. OK – so my ring finger is longer (explains the lesbian thing) but why am i now good at sport? Apparently I run like a rabbit trying to escape the hawk….

  2. i meant ‘no good at sport’ – oops…

  3. Short ring finger, suck at sport.
    Not a lesbian.

  4. Ha! Yet. That cracked me up.

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