Urge to Kill Rising

Urge to kill rising…
My Knitting Nemesis is at it again. I went out into the shop at midday so Chrystalla could go to lunch, and the first thing I noticed was that it was FREEZING. The air con’s been on all morning and it was much too cold for me in a T-shirt. Meanwhile, over in the corner is my nemesis with the a few ladies from the Knitting Clinic. “Is that air conditioning too cold for anyone else?” I asked. “Oh yes,” they all nodded. So I stuck my head back in the office and asked Chrys to shut it off. The arctic blast subsided. “Oh, thank you,” one of the ladies said. “That’s much better.” I smiled. “I know! I was freezing. I couldn’t stand it.” “I see,” sniffed the Knitting Nemesis. “You shut it off because it was for your own benefit.”


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  1. Total nutcases, that’s who. And she’s one.

  2. My favorite moment from her ever was when she “complimented” me by saying that she thought “my hair looked really nice NOW”. Every time she drops one of these bombs I feel like taking her on, but I know I should try to be professional. It would be so satisfying to rip her a new one though…

    (I just have to repeat to myself: “She’s a sad old lady and nobody likes her. She’s a sad old lady and nobody likes her.”)

  3. perhaps she has a mild case of that swearing condition turettes I think it is called
    but you are right she is a sad old lady who thinks too much of herself – and most of us with a brain are on your side sweetie

  4. You are so nice Fee. I know, I should be nicer. But enough with the old – I don’t think she’s as old as I am! 🙂

  5. You’re right, M-H. We shouldn’t be ageist. She’s a cow no matter how old she is. 🙂

  6. And I’m sure it is possible to be old and lonely and quite insane without being nasty about it! Difficult, but possible.
    I’m gunna let some moth larvae loose in her stash.

  7. Try using my Mom’s classic line on her: “Why do you say that?” (said with the best smile you can muster) It’s totally passive aggressive, but it lets you call someone on their nasty comment without being overtly nasty yourself.

    Is she this horrible with all the staff? Or are you the only one to get her special attention?

  8. No, she’s horrible to everyone. Even the people she’s supposed to be teaching.

  9. i say go with brigita’s suggestion I would love to see her face at that one- please can I be there please- and yes we shouldn’t be agist she has not doublt always been like that- insecure and inadequate

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