How Many of Me

Out of 300 million Americans, how many share your name? There are only 84 Kristine Howards in the whole population! (And good grief, there are ZERO Rodd Snooks.)

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  1. There is at least one Mary Helen Ward (no hyphen). She’s a bit older than me. We’ve been in touch and we have an amazing amount in common. She found me because her sister reads knitting blogs.

  2. I already know there’s lots of others with my name (when I lived in Sydney, there were five of us on the electoral roll in my federal seat). But I put in my cousin’s names (my Uncle and his family are in Connecticut) and there are supposedly no people in the US with the first name “Molson”. Hrmph!

  3. Well, there’s nobody in the USA with my full name, apparently 3000 people with my first name, and nobody with my surname. There apparently is someone in Melbourne with my full name, including the same middle name, but she got my surname through marriage, so I choose to think that she cheated…

  4. 0 🙂 Though there’s 113,988 Tracey’s.

  5. there is one of me in the states wow only one

  6. There are supposedly no people in the U.S. with my maiden name, which is odd, because I know of at *least* three (mom, dad, brother). I’m also skeptical that there are only 11 people with my first and last name, which i would think is a pretty common Irish combo…

  7. Five. Probably a lot more in Ireland, like that newscaster Eileen Dunne.

  8. 7754 using “Patricia;” over a thousand more if I use “Tricia.” If I’d changed my name there would have been 17 (I would have thought that number would have been smaller).

  9. Good grief! There are 1,373 people in the U.S. who share my name — which apparently is what you get if you have the 77th most popular first name and the 24th most popular surname.

    Is ‘Pamela’ is really that popular as a first name in America? I’m pretty sure that the last time it was in anyway popular here was back in the 1930s — which is indirectly how I got it, as my mother named me after one of her friends.

  10. There are two of me. I don’t know if I’m counted or not. I want to meet the other one!

  11. Supposedly there’s nobody in the U.S. (yet!) with the first name “Penn” … I’m not sure I buy that! Is it that strange?

  12. I think when they say there’s “zero”, what they mean is that it’s statistically irrelevant. Meaning out of 300 million, it’s pretty darn close to zero. And there’s at least one other Penn, of course…

  13. 146 with my full name. That’s why googling me is an exercise in frustration. Zero with the boy’s full name – I always knew he was unique 🙂

  14. 55 with my first and last name. I’m surprised, I expected less.

  15. It says there are 0 people with my name!

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