How Expensive Decisions Get Made

How Expensive Decisions Get Made
The Snook’s been griping about our five-year-old television for ages now, and he keeps suggesting that we go buy a new one. Me, I’m not picky. Why spend all that money? So I’ve been putting him off. Of course, this past weekend was stinkin’ hot and the only thing I felt like doing was sitting in our dark cave of a flat and watching the tennis. By the time Andy Roddick was heading into the fourth set, I was finally motivated. “Put your pants on,” I hollered into the office. “We’re gettin’ a new TV.”

Two hours (and a hefty chunk of change) later, the delivery man was carrying this beauty into the house…New Telly

I’m thrilled to say it’s the biggest telly I’ve ever owned in my life. It doesn’t look that huge in the picture, but it dominates in the actual room. We calculated that it has nearly three times the screen area of our old television.

And I will never see the sun again.

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  1. Don’t throw your wiimote into it!

  2. maybe you should have spent the money on a cleaner instead.

  3. I asked the guy if the warranty covered damage from Wiimotes… 🙂

    And hahaha… We do have a cleaner! But this is a few days before her next visit. Although actually, this isn’t too bad. We just have a lot of stuff. Other than the Snook’s takeaway box and Coke bottle (which he’d just finished), that’s pretty much how the place looks when it’s totally pristine.

    The more I think about it – screw you, anonymous! Clutter is good for the soul.

  4. I want a wii date – it looks great and screw anonymous they have no life

  5. That’s hilarious…my boyfriend and I went out three weeks ago and did the exact same thing for the exact same reason. He wanted a new tv for the longest time, but I didn’t want to spend the money because I’m not a huge TV watcher. That’s all changed now with that huge baby in our living room. Who knew TV could be so good?!!

  6. Tim and I got a similar present for ourselves just before Xmas, Kris. I haven’t posted about it yet because…well, because I am in love with it and want to do it justice in the post. 🙂

    Seriously, it is glorious…and I’m slowly but surely turning into an “If it isn’t in HD, I don’t want to watch it” snob. So congrats!

  7. Clutter makes me nauseous

  8. Well, now I’m getting the argument that we need to upgrade all our components – dvd player, MythTV box, etc – to take advantage of the glorious HDness. 🙂

    (And anonymous – I think you mean “nauseated.”)

  9. no thanks. i wrote what i meant 🙂

  10. holy crap…is that an LG? i think you have the exact same tv as us. crazy, crafty, psychic sister…

  11. Yeah! It’s the 42″ LG LCD. Psychic! (The thing on top is for the Wii.)

    The only thing I’m worried about it is getting all fingerprinty. It’s sooo shiny! Does it get messy very easily?

  12. Can I be a little rude and ask how much? I’m hunting around for a good 42″ so I’m curious.

  13. Wellll… it was on sale at Harvey Norman for about – eek – $3000. Sticker price is normally about $4000. He have us the option of having it even cheaper (with only one year of warranty), or the normal sale price with five years warranty. Given the potential lethality of Wiimotes, we went with the five. 🙂

    (I think Snookums ascertained online that we maybe could’ve gotten it a little cheaper if we’d shopped around, but HN had them in stock and were willing to delivery same day. So that sold it for us.)

  14. so this mean we will never see you two again……

  15. Nah, you’ll see us on CouchCam all the time! 🙂

  16. We got an HDTV a few weeks ago ourselves…the Discovery channel is like high-def porn.

    Unfortunately our local FOX affiliate is holding our cable provider hostage in some fashion (wants $$ for retrans/OTA/somesuch nonsense I don’t understand) so that’s the one network we don’t get in HD. Fortunately, the superbowl is on CBS this year.

    Oh, and we’re having the same dilemma with the peripherial upgrades…$799 for a Series3 TiVo?! Ack!

  17. Every year I use my tax return to buy a new toy for myself, usually resulting in something fun for my car. This year, I decided I was going to get a nicer TV. Unfortunately, I filled out a form wrong when I started my new job on Jan 2006, so I’m estimating now that I will have to pay additional rather than accepting a refund. Oh, how I love being a single non-homeowning adult with no children… /sarcasm

  18. Clutter? That’s just normal household living where busy people relax. None of our business anyway.

  19. The world just looks better and brighter and clearer with the HD/42-inch plasma/DVR combo. Especially now that it’s Superbowl / Oscar season. Congratulations on your purchase.

    There was some NYT article recently about clutter and how it’s a sign of more productive, creative people or something like that (I haven’t read it, it was just provided to a very messy coworker/friend who was trying to clean up his workspace).

  20. I’m torn on the clutter issue, really. On one hand I have this total Edina Monsoon desire for “SURFACES, DARLING! SURFACES!” But on the other hand, we’ve got a lot of stuff. I’d like to be all zen and throw it out, but I LIKE my books and toys and movies. So even when our place is completely tidy, there’s still a lot of visible “stuff.” I can see where that would be frustrating for those who prefer to live in sterile environments.

  21. We’ve got the condo on the market & it’s really weird to have our fun things shoved in drawers & closets. The realtor said it makes it easier for people to imagine living there without your face everywhere. Even the fridge is naked. Honestly, it’s kind of creepy. 🙂

    We’ve got a kick ass 42 inch HD monster mounted on the wall in the bedroom. I’ve actually seen men drool. We’re hoping someone falls in love with the TV & that inspires them to buy the whole condo. I can’t WAIT to watch the superbowl in HD. GO BEARS!!

    As for the cleaner/clutter comments, pull your Mommy Dearest routine in your own home. There’s no need to be rude.

  22. Heh. Which reminds me, Rodd had left out a wire clothes hanger the other day after ironing his work shirt. And I launched into a Joan Crawford imitation and threatened to beat him with it. The hilarious part is that he’d never seen the movie and had no idea what I was talking about. 🙂

  23. There’s a quote from Thomas Edison that says, “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” I have it taped to my wall on a scrap piece of paper.

  24. Joan Crawford was my best Halloween costume to date. I carried a wire hanger and won ‘most scary.’ Go figure.

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