Opera in the Domain

Opera (and Knitting?) in the Domain
This coming Saturday is Opera in the Domain, I was thinking of going down in the afternoon and staking out a prime spot… and maybe doing a bit of public knitting at the same time. Anybody want to join me? We can have a picnic! Picnic and Puccini…

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  1. The Rubi & Lana group are planning an “Opera Knit-In” – Don’t know the full details yet, ie which tree to meet under, but it could be good to ‘hook-up’.

  2. Excellent! Please tell whoever’s organising it that I’m definitely interested in combining forces. 🙂

  3. oooh, you know how I love a good opera….

  4. Hey Kris – Fin and I’d love to come – my number is [obscured by Kris!] ;). Fin has offered to bring scrummy food…

  5. Excellent! I got an e-mail about the Rubi + Lana group this morning, so hopefully we can coordinate. I’ll let you guys know where/when it’s all happening…

  6. We’ll be in Ettalong, sadly. 🙁 We’ll be with you in spirit.

  7. I’d be in. Knitting in public is always fun and I’d love to meet other knitters since I’m new in town.

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