Oscar Contest 2007

web-goddess Oscar Contest 2007Oscar Contest 2007
I’m happy to announce that – at long last – my Fifth Annual Oscar Contest has begun! I have to tell you, it was hard to top last year’s prize. So what do you get if you reign supreme this year? Oh yes, your very own trio of fabulous Dream Monkeys! They shimmy; they sing; they have really long eyelashes. Their hair is as big as I could get it (given the limitations of chenille-covered pipe cleaners). People, these are the hardest working monkeys in show business!Special thanks go to Amy for ruffle-sewing assistance and makeup suggestions.

Here are a few more pictures:


Full body

(Could I pander to my gay readers any more? I could not.)


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  1. You have gay readers? No! Say it isn’t so!

  2. they turned out so cool Kris

  3. The Dream Monkeys are fabulous! Although I am destined not to win them- I tend to vote for whom I want to win (example: Marky Mark) over who I think is most likely to win.

  4. OH MY GOD, What a GREAT idea. 🙂 Those are SO mine. I’m a-gonna win this year.

  5. You have a little mistake in your election. Where is the Italian football team, I like to vote them. (some extra points, maybe…please)

  6. I won…I WON!!!!!!! YAY!!!! I can’t wait to get my Dream Monkeys!!!

    Kent Bailey

  7. I’m gay, and I won!!!! YAY FOR ME!!!!!!!! Thank you for having this contest every year, I’ve entered the last three and finally won it!!!!

  8. Thank you Kent, I just beat and you still hit me ;-(

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