Easter Show

Has anybody been to the Easter Show yet? I’m desperate to know whether my stuff’s been displayed. I’ve looked through the relevant Flickr photos but there doesn’t seem to be much knitting in there.


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  1. not yet. it’s been raining here pretty much all weekend. I’m going to try to go after work one day this week.

  2. I’m going next weekend where I promise to sneer at all the entries that won over us.

  3. I’m going tomorrow, I’ll keep an eye out for your stuff.

  4. Ha! It always rains on Easter in Sydney. Craziness.

    It’s still snowing here.

  5. I went and looked but it wasn’t there. Mostly all ‘traditional’ stuff.

  6. Booo! I want to see some ‘edgy’ stuff too.

  7. Neither of them displayed? That SUCKS! The Easter Show judges can bite me.

    (And it was hardly edgy. It’s not like I knitted a bustier or anything. They were WHIMSICAL, DAMMIT!)

  8. I was there yesterday and your kitty cardigan is on display, it’s near the Handweavers and Spinners Guild stall is. It looked fab!

  9. YAY! So it’s not with the regular competition entries? Huh.

  10. They have the entries in a few different display cases. From memory, it was with a couple of other jackets/jumpers and knitted shawls. The case I saw it in is very close to the Handweavers & Spinners stall.

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