Christmas Tea Cosy

Christmas Tea CosyChristmas Tea Cosy
This is officially Number Four, folks! This pattern is actually called “Delphie” (no idea why) and it’s from Patons Craft Book No. C.18. The book actually belongs to Ma Snook, who purchased it way back in the 1950’s, I believe. I’m still using up oddments of 8ply yarn on 4mm needles. This cosy was mostly knit while watching the TV movie of Pratchett’s Hogfather; hence the Christmas colours.


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  1. How. Umm. Interesting! But cute. 😀

    I still haven’t finished watching Hogfather. How was it?

  2. All these pictures make me want a little teapot!

  3. Best one yet

  4. Hey, I know the colours are awful. That’s the point. It’s a fifties fair! *shrug* At least it’s giving me an excuse to use up all the random icky colours from my stash… 🙂

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