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I am the Hermione of fairisle knitting today! It’s a little embarrassing. Also: other than one lady’s 10-year-old daughter, I’m the youngest person here. Rock and roll…


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  1. That’s some nice fairisle!

  2. And you’re surprised? Young people don’t knit, you know. Nice fairisle.

  3. You’ve inspired me to join and go to the camp next year…

  4. I’ll second M-H – your’re suprised? Your knitting is certainly not immature.

  5. Nice! Sooo jealous

  6. great colour combo…..

  7. I know someone of age 30 you who went to the camp, but you would no doubt have guessed her to be in her late 30’s – early 40’s. And I seriously hope she doesn’t read here.

  8. As Knitabulous nicely pointed out there was a slightly younger 30 yr old and we discovered it on the sunday. I didnt do fairisle as I am hopeless at it.

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