Tapestry Craft Christmas Sale

The Tapestry Craft Christmas Sale is now on! You’ll also note that the site has been completely rebranded, a Herculean task I managed to pull off in THREE DAYS this week. (I’m stunned myself.) Please let me know what you think!

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  1. personally, i really like the new look of the site. it looks clean and tidy and fresh.

  2. Great, thanks! It’s funny; I expected people to be much more resistant to change (or maybe just more critical). Both my Mom and the Snook immediately went, “Oh, it’s too blue, there’s too much text, etc.” but I’ve yet to hear a SINGLE complaint from an actual customer. Maybe they’re just too picky. 🙂

  3. I like the new logo – much more sassy.

  4. The logo is the work of a great graphic designer named Anton. He created it for us earlier this year, but we only just got around to rolling it out in the shop and online.

  5. Love it. It looks cleaner and easier to get around (the old one was getting just a bit too crowded and nanna). Was in tapestry craft and bought my chrisie and bday presents (from mum who gives me money and then wraps the present)

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