Soaking Sydney

Soaking Sydney. Are we going to keep having apocalyptic weather all summer? Luckily I was dry at home yesterday during the storm, but it sure scared the hell out of the cat.

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  1. I’d planned to go to my kids club, get changed after and head straight into the city to see Billy Elliot.

    Then the storm hit and I had to go home and get something else to wear. No way was I going to wear strappy sandals and a white dress in THAT.

  2. My memory of Sydney when I first arrived here in the late 90s is that it was like this every summer afternoon – thunder and lightning, sometimes hail. I read somewhere that it’s returning to its normal pattern after years of the dry. But that might not be true either!

  3. That’s Rodd’s impression too, M-H. I guess it’s only weird for those of us recent arrivals who’ve only been here during the drought!

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