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For those of you who are on Ravelry, check this out. (For those of you who aren’t: Somebody notified me this morning that I was listed on a “Copyright Hall of Shame” website, complete with my home and email address. Why? Because I wondered about the legality of fabric license agreements, and the person who maintains the page – and is against such licenses – felt that I was “spreading misinformation.” I don’t know how a request for clarification can be “spreading misinformation,” but there you go. Anyway, it turns out the person is on Ravelry so I made a big post calling them out for it. I appreciate that this person has a vested interest in clearing up copyright issues as it pertains to craft, but I don’t think starting a witch hunt for people who disagree with her and then posting my contact details for others to harass me is the best way to make her case. Especially as I don’t actually disagree with her in the first place. You’d think she might have emailed me to clarify before pronouncing judgement, huh?


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  1. Wow, that is ridiculous! I can’t believe someone would take it upon themselves to publish names/addresses of people that he/she thinks doesn’t understand copyright laws.

  2. That is dreadful. Her Copyright Hall of Shame would be more understandable if she was actually pointing a finger at people who deliberately flout the copyright laws (though which laws? In which countries? etc). But for those who simply asked a question or expressed an opinion, it’s outrageous for you to be “named and shamed”. For what???

  3. Crikey. She sure has an axe to grind, doesn’t she? With a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ vigilante attitude. It’s ironic that she’s this fired up about misinformation when what she done is publish misinformation about you.

    I can’t believe she includes addresses. That’s got to violate privacy laws. She may not have your address and email correct, but I assume your name is right and that may be enough for you to be traced. I’d be consulting a lawyer over this if I were in your position.

  4. WTF? That’s insanely over the top – what kind of “shame” are you supposed to be feeling for that kind of questioning, curious post? And posting the contact details of a private individual online is extremely uncool.

  5. What a ridiculous, obsessed, did I say ridiculous, stupid, rude thing of her to do. I think you responded very calmly and reasonably, considering how unpleasant it must have been for you to find this web page.

    She’s being a daft ha’porth at the very least.

  6. ok first off that person needs to quit posting people’s addresses wtf? its mean and uncalled for, not to mention a little pyschotic? O.o
    wow I can’t believe some lengths people go to, its ridiculous not to mention to keep at it on ravelry. >.

  7. No response from her so far. Another Raveler PMed me to say I should bring it to Casey’s attention, but I feel weird about tattling to him when technically it doesn’t really have anything to do with his site. And I’m not sure lawyering up would be worth the money at this point, given that the contact details she’s posted for me are incorrect. Maybe I just shouldn’t give it any more attention. She’s obviously a raving looney.

  8. Raving Looney = Agree (1)

  9. Thinking about this last night, I realised that the first thing I would do is contact her ISP and point out the possible privacy law infringement. I think (not 100% sure) that ISPs have to ensure they’re not hosting sites doing anything illegal.

  10. yeah, that is so nuts!!
    I can’t believe she published your personal details too (accurate or not!) that is harrassment for sure!!And just plain mean! (and weird too…)

  11. My friend Kate actually emailed her to voice her complaint about it. I won’t insult your intelligence by posting the reply here, but suffice it to say that she won’t take it down. Oh, and she’s a raving nutbar.

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