My Dream Red Trench!

I went over to Tar-zhay yesterday to pick up some button-down shirts for my new job. While I was there, I spotted my DREAM COAT. Folks, I have been looking for a trench coat for years now. Esprit had a beautiful red one a few years back, but when I tried it on my stylist advised that it wasn’t a good cut for me. (It was too short, basically.) And remember the whole Stella McCartney trench debacle last year? I’d just about given up. Yet there it was yesterday, staring at cheerfully from across the store: a bright red, long, perfect-fitting trench coat. (They call it an anorak on the website. Click on the bottom “frame” to see a closeup.) I snapped a surreptitious mirror photo of myself wearing it and sent it to Miss Fee for her opinion. It was perfect. And what’s more – with their 20% off Sale, it ended up being about SIXTY BUCKS. I bought it.

And then I came home and saw this. I swear I’m not, like, becoming her clone or something.


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  1. Anorak? how can they call that an anorak! wikipedia (that fount of all that is reliable): An anorak or parka is a type of heavy jacket with a hood, often lined with fur or fake fur, so as to protect the face from a combination of freezing temperatures and wind. ORIn slang an anorak is a person, typically a man, who has unfathomable interest in arcane, detailed information regarded as boring by the rest of the population, and who feels compelled to talk at length about this information to anyone within earshot.

    Neither a good description for your lovely new trench coat!

  2. I know! It’s not an anorak at all. Now I just have to wait for a cold and rainy day so I can wear it… 🙂

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