What's wrong with this picture?New Photos!
I was digging through some of my old site backups this morning and found an unexpected relic: pictures and commentary from a wedding I went to with my college friends in 1999. It was for two Domers, Paul Brenner and Elly Terrell. I’ve put them up for your enjoyment. They’re pretty funny… especially that one on the right. Can you figure out what’s so very wrong with that picture? (You probably won’t guess unless you’ve met me.)


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  1. hey! i know them!

    great pic, but of course i can’t spot the wrongness…

    oh wait–just clicked through. nice work with the photoshopping! and don’t forget, height makes right. well, it’s good for finding people in a crowded bar and reaching high stuff, anyhow.

  2. Yeah. I was always the one to change the lightbulbs. 🙂

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