Clear Converse All Stars

Dude, CLEAR Converse All Stars? WANT. Just the perfect thing to show off your handknitted socks! (Link courtesy of passionknit.)


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  1. I’d totally do these…if the idea of wearing enclosed plastic shoes didn’t just make me think ewwwwwwww. If only there was a natural alternative to clear plastic (or is there?)

  2. I want too – but they don’t seem to ship outside the US. If you ever flipped out and decided to order via family – can you let me know so i could go in with you? 🙂 Sorry to have missed Wii on Saturday…

  3. Me too! I want I want!
    (I saw them on Rav)

  4. GOT!!!! Mind you, paid WAY too much on eBay….I wear them to work (I teach in a high school, so these sneakers make me very cool)…
    You really should get some…!

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