Official Race Time

“Official” Race Time… Not.
My phone beeped at 6:30am this morning. It turned out to be my “official” race results from the Mother’s Day Classic. According to the SMS, my time was 56:00. WRONG. Check out the iPod data. I started timing it when I actually crossed the start line (and the electronic mats). I actually forgot to hit stop on it til after I’d removed my timing chip, so my actual race time was probably a minute less than that. There’s no way my chip time was greater than what the iPod recorded. (Even if its distance was miscalibrated, you can’t argue with time.) So I’m a little annoyed with their accuracy. I’m guessing that they SMSed the clock time when I passed the finish line without adjusting for the time it took us to get to the start.


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  1. Congrats on meeting your goals for this run!

    I think (at least in the States), the “official” time is from gun time to when you cross the finish line. This is in addition to the “chip time” which reflects your actual race time. I don’t know why they even bother with the “official” time; hopefully there’s a web site where you can look up your chip time.

  2. Yeah, they just posted it today. According to the spreadsheet, my chip time is about a minute less. I’m still a little bothered by that though, considering the iPod time was different. Hmm.

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