HOLY CRAP. We just had an earthquake here! It was my first one ever. I was actually sitting in the company founder’s corner office having a big important meeting. I suddenly felt the room bouncing a bit. It was like being on the end of a diving board. I actually looked up at the ceiling at first, convinced that someone on the floor above us was jumping up and down or moving furniture or something. That’s when I remembered that I was on the fourth floor of a brick building, and brick buildings don’t BOUNCE. The three of us just looked at each other for a second, and I went, “What’s going…?” And Shaun went, “Earthquake! Actually, this one’s going on for a bit. We should probably get in a doorway or something.” My legs felt like jelly. We opened the door to see the rest of the office on their feet, wondering what to do. Somebody suggested we should evacuate. That was all this Hoosier girl needed to hear! I hit the stairs and didn’t stop moving until I was on the street. Lots of people from the building were milling around out there. Most of them were laughing, trading stories of other quakes they’d been in. People were trying to call friends and noticing that they couldn’t get connections. A few minutes later someone said that the building manager told us we didn’t have to leave, so we all headed back up into the office. My legs still feel a bit wobbly. I haven’t felt any aftershocks yet.

But DUDE, what’re the odds? I’m here for one friggin’ week and we have an EARTHQUAKE? I should buy a lottery ticket.

Update: Wow! It made the SMH website. I didn’t feel any of the aftershocks… but then again, I was frantically running down four flights of stairs and worrying about getting squished by a falling bit of masonry.


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  1. The Earth is out to get ya’ – better watch out, Kris!

    I used to check this website out all the time:

    Also, I heard on a recent radio program (did I tell you this?) that “the chances of California having a major, devastating earthquake in the next 30 years is 99%.” I don’t even know why they bothered leaving out that last 1 percent…I think it’s pretty much a go.

  2. ooooh scary! 😉

  3. The one that happened here in the midwest a couple of months ago I actually felt here in Goshen, Woke me up when I heard the house kinda creaking. Heck your not even safe here, course I would rather take my chances here than out in CA.

  4. It made the news here in London too — but only the celeb aspect… some story about how scared the Big Brother housemates were!

  5. Glad you’re ok – I’d’ve freaked, too.

  6. Yeah, that was a nice adrenaline rush, wasn’t it? BTW, if you’re ever in one again, just know that most people are hurt while rushing outside. You’re better off, for the most part, staying put. My sister was at work in a store in the mall, and she said that all the people in the store ran out — through the GLASS DOORS — and stood in the center of the mall. UNDER THE SKYLIGHT.

    If you’re in bed during a big quake, roll out of bed and lie next to it (NOT under it) with your pillow over your head (protects you from glass, etc).

    That ends this public service announcement.

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