Me and SnookumsHappy birthday to Snookums, my best friend in the world. I’m sorry I had to miss it. This is the longest time we’ve ever been apart. (I did manage to video chat to him over Skype on the weekend, which was great.) I was secretly a little worried before I left that maybe we were “sublunary” (as per Max‘s awesome comment), but I’m happy to report that we can, in fact, function independently of one another. I haven’t been sad or consumed by loneliness. In fact, I’m proud of how well I’m doing on my own. It’s just that, well, things aren’t as much fun without him around. He’s my favorite person and I miss hanging out with him. Fortunately his sister, brother-in-law, and nephew were able to take him out to dinner to celebrate, so at least he got to mark the occasion properly. I only wish I’d been there to help celebrate! We’re past the halfway mark though… Only 8 days til I get on the plane to fly home. (Photo courtesy of The Other Andrew, who – when I am rich and famous – will be my official photographer since he always makes me look good.)