Spicy Pork Tacos!

Spicy Pork TacosSpicy Pork Tacos
Yesterday the Snook and I tried out the recipe for Spicy Shredded Pork that my sister recommended a few days ago. We got a 2kg pork shoulder and roasted it in the Le Creuset casserole in the oven. It smelled fantastic. We had it in for about four hours, and then we cranked the heat to try to crisp the skin. (That part didn’t really work.) Snookums shredded it and we ate it with tortillas, avocado, lettuce, and a bit of sour cream. It was so good! Better than any Mexican I’ve had in Sydney.


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  1. It wasn’t until I went to the USA, and then much later, to Mexico for my honeymoon that I realised that the mexican food in Australia is utter rubbish.

    2kg of pork – way to go kids!!

  2. Yeah, it turns out that a 2kg shoulder makes a LOT of shredded pork. We’re going to have to freeze it on portions. We’ve got enough shredded pork for the next three months. 🙂

    Luckily it makes great sandwiches too!

  3. I still have some masa, sometime when I get settled in the new house I might do Mexican night and make real homemade corn tortillas in the tortilla press. Also have some real pinto beans for frijoles. You in? 🙂

  4. Holy crap, YEAH! That sounds awesome.

  5. I couldn’t get pork shoulder, only rolled neck which I figured wouldn’t do the same thing. I’ll keep trying. It sounds awesome.

  6. Actually it was a “forequarter roast” from Coles. Looked pretty much like a shoulder to me.

  7. Yeah, we figured the important points were: bone in, skin on, and nice fat (since we were going to cook the heck out of it).

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