bmp Socks

bmp Socks
I started these socks back in November as a prize for the Colony of Gamers charity raffle. I sat them aside in December to wait to hear who won (so I could knit the feet the correct size). And I waited… and I waited… and no email! I contacted them a few weeks ago asking what was happening, and still no reply. I figure that means they’re mine, right? Right. So this weekend I finally finished ’em.

bmp Socks   bmp Socks

The pattern is from Knitty. I happened to have a lot of black and white 5ply in my stash, so I used that instead of traditional sock wool. (I took the needle up to a 3mm.) They look pretty big, but fairisle doesn’t stretch much and they fit me well. I knit them on two circs and followed the pattern pretty much exactly. The shooter was done in duplicate stitch. Cute and retro, huh? (More pics and details on Ravelry.)

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  1. Those are so awesome.

  2. I can’t believe they never got back to you. SO rude (this is the reason I dont do interviews/photoshoots anymore)

  3. My hubby has requested a pair of these socks. It’s just I’m so awful at colourwork, especially in the round. I need lessons…

  4. One trick that I never remember to do is to knit them inside out! You push them through so the working wool is travelling on the outside of the tube. Apparently this helps to make sure your floats isn’t too tight.

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