Good Morning.

Good Morning. I feel the best I have in the past fortnight. I did my first boxing workout in a week yesterday, and it felt great to be active again (though I’m pretty sore today!). The Snook and I tried out a recipe from Good Eats last night that turned out GREAT. (Recipe and photos coming soon.) I got a good night’s sleep. When I weighed myself, I found that the extra pound I picked up last week had vanished. (It really was just water weight, presumably related to getting sick.) I finished Na Craga this morning, soaked it with water, and pinned it out to block. (Wool is amazing. For all my lamenting of my tight tension, once I got it wet I was easily able to pull it out to the correct dimensions.) When I got to work this morning, there was a bottle of champagne on my desk as a birthday present from my company. (All the March birthdays got one.) And today’s the Snook’s last day at Komosion, so we’ll be celebrating tonight. He starts at Geekdom on Monday.

And how was YOUR week?

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  1. And in Great Coincidences of our Time, my son has just applied to Geekdom for a Customer Service Position. Although I’m not sure that his CV really reflects his skills, so he’s unlikely to get an interview. ::sigh::

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