Pet Goat

Wait wait wait… Someone in Chippendale has a pet goat?! THAT. IS. SO. COOL. Screw Rent-a-Chook; I want a little billy goat!


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  1. I am sure I have seen a different pet goat outside of HUM on King St as well. I’m pretty sure it was grey, not white.

  2. We looked into getting a miniture Goat but apparently you really need quite a lot of space for one and you should get 2 or more if they’re going to be by themselves all day. But I really really want one.

  3. I’ve been trying to talk Rob into one for AGES. They are so cool, but they eat everything and I mean EVERYTHING.

  4. But you live ON A MOUNTAIN! It’s so appropriate! It would be so awesome to visit you and see a little billy goat munching away on the side of the hill. 🙂

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