Highly Commended… Again

Na Craga and MeHighly Commended… Again
So I didn’t get the friggin’ blue ribbon. I told the Snook on the way to the Arts Preview tonight that me knitting Na Craga was pretty much the equivalent of Kate Winslet doing a Holocaust movie. I was pandering, and I knew it. If ever I had a shot, this was the year. We arrived and immediately ran into a couple Ravelers. “We won’t spoil it,” they said. “Go look for yourself.” I dragged Snookums through the throng to the knitting cases. And there was my beautiful jumper, completely bunched up and mangled with fishing line… and with a red “Highly Commended” ribbon on it. Again. I know I am a complete and utter ingrate, but I had to strain to be cheerful. Despite my protestations to the contrary over the past couple of weeks, it appears that I really did have a lot vested into the outcome of the contest. I know it’s silly. Still, I couldn’t help but look upon the blue ribbon winner – a cream cardigan with BOBBLES, for god’s sake – with scorn. Don’t they know how hot Snookums looked in it? Grrr. Anyway, I quickly drowned my sorrows at the open bar. (Hey, if they’re going to charge me $25 plus transport to get out there, I’m going to make it worth my while.) There were loads of Ravelers present, and we even managed to get together for a group picture. Congrats to Donna and Ailsa and Sally and Emma and Gemma, and everyone else who exhibited and who I missed in my irritated drunkenness. HOWEVER, I was extremely pleased to see that Gary Gentle has continued his wonderful tradition of naked lady marquetry. His 2009 entry was exceptionally exquisite!


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  1. Damnit. And WHY do they display them like that? Sorry for your disappointment. Humpf.

  2. I noticed that the first and second prize winners were both knitted really loosely – 8ply on 4.5mm needles or so. Judging from some knits from my MIL for the Boy, that’s “traditional” aran. So, notes for next time. Knit really loosely (so your seams pull and bag), knit lots of bobbles and make sure it’s white or cream. Then you’d be a shoe-in!

  3. Ouch. Just looking at that fishing line makes me hurt. Why do they do that every year?

  4. Wow – as a non-knitter but as a knitter appreciator I’m totally shocked how they treated your jumper. Fishing line and bobbles! Seriously…

  5. I am so dissapointed for you, Kris. I was so certain you would win. That winning white/cream jumper doesn’t look half as good as yours and I’m sure wasn’t a Starmore. (I admit I’m going through photos so its hard to tell.)

  6. And it seems that the window dressing is worse than last year. At least last year, looking back at my photos, they mainly used coat hangers (even if they aren’t ideal). The fishing line is attrocious.

  7. Bobbles?!! You were robbed! Add my outrage to the mob.

  8. Congratulations on the highly commended, I’m sorry it wasn’t what you were hoping for.

    Judges are arbitary and strange creatures. (I’ve had a piece of lace deemed not worth of show at the RAS. No comment.)

    I’m hearing things about the display that make me glad I’m 700km from it. If there are paperclips anywhere near my shawl, I would be forced into Getting Very Cross Indeed.

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