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Knitters Guild News: We had another very successful meeting at Customs House today. There were 30 knitters in attendance, and 3 of the newbies joined on the spot. Our growth is phenomenal, and I think it’s only going to increase over the winter. We’ll be getting some promotion in the winter newsletter for the City of Sydney Libraries because we’re going to be helping them with some “Learn to Knit” events in July. The only downside to our popularity is that I think we’ll be looking for a new venue sooner rather than later!

Our new format for the meetings seems to be working out well. Everybody is very attentive for the business portion, and I’ve been managing to get through it all in 15-20 minutes. The real test will be next month, when we try our first workshop in the new space. (We’re doing “Welcome to the Knitternet” to introduce some of the less computer savvy members to the wealth of online knitting information.) As usual, I spent most of the meeting concentrating on keeping everything running smoothly, so it’s not quite as much fun as it used to be. That said, I guess having an organised person running the show means everybody else can relax a bit more. Everybody seems really appreciative of the work me, Rosemary, and Geraldine are putting into it. So the meetings are still rewarding, even if I don’t get much knitting done!


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  1. I’m SO sorry I couldn’t be there today – it’s such a great group. Has the library not got a bigger room they could let us have?

  2. Sign me up for being one of the laptop providers next month!

  3. It was great fun. And such a lovely venue. Don’t stress, Kris. It will get easier as time goes on, and you will be able to relax more. Sorry we can’t be there for the knitternet meeting. 🙁

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