Tree Planting in Chippendale

Digging compostTree Planting in Chippendale
I got an email from Michael last week asking for volunteers to help plant a couple more fruit trees in our neighborhood. “What the heck,” I thought. I put my hand up. So Saturday morning at 10:30 I found myself digging out compost from the community bins in the Peace Park. I seemed to be the only volunteer, which was a little disheartening. I managed to fill several large bins, then headed to Michael’s to help get the trees ready. The day was hot and I was already exhausted. I was in his back garden helping transplant a rather large citrus tree when suddenly I heard a familiar voice. “Need any help?” It was the Snook. His scheduled Warcraft raid got cancelled, so he came to lend a hand. I can’t tell you how awesome it felt to see him there, like the cavalry had arrived. We eventually managed to transport a wheelbarrow with the tree, several bins of compost, buckets of water, shovels, and a pick several blocks to the top of Myrtle Street (right near the intersection with City Road). Thankfully we were joined by local resident Jeff, who was a retired landscape gardener. Michael’s son Julian also added muscle. Snookums and I got to work digging a massive hole for the big tree while Jeff dealt with the smaller one. Finally, three hours after we started, we had two established trees and a whole lot of aching muscles. I took plenty of pictures along the way…Snookums digs a hole
My wonderful manly husband digs a hole.

The hole
A rather desolate view at the top of Myrtle Street.

Snookums plants the tree
The tree has been planted! Snookums shovels on compost and mulch.

Jeff plants his tree
Jeff plants his tree. The metal frame was wired to a stake, which we hoped would discourage people from stealing the tree. (Apparently this is a problem.)

Jeff's tree
Jeff’s planted tree.

The men lug compost
The boys haul a big bucket of compost. I carried one of those all the way up the street myself (which is why I can barely lift my arms today).

A pumpkin!
The pumpkins on Myrtle Street are fruiting! Too bad mine aren’t.

Michael's chickens
I paid a visit to Michael’s chickens…

Native beehive
…and his beehive! These are (stingless) native Australian bees.

Needless to say, we’re both pretty sore today. It was nice to do a good deed in the neighborhood though.


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  1. Good to see your great plantings.

  2. Fingers crossed for the tree. He has bees in Chippo? Does he get a decent yield of honey? I’d love a hive!

  3. Yep! They’re from this place. Apparently they only produce 1kg of honey a year though. They’re more for pollination than anything.

  4. That’s not a bad yield, I can’t imagine they need much tending. My hubby and I are currently fantasizing about a tree change. Self build home, bees… We’re turning into Tom and Barbara.

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