The rest of the weekend

Sock WorkshopThe rest of the weekend…
It was actually a busy one. Friday night we joined Tim, Stef, and a bunch of friends to celebrate them buying their first house. There were drinks at Ryan’s bar, then a trip to Lowenbrau for much beer and pork. Saturday morning there was a trip to Toby’s for breakfast, followed by the aforementioned tree planting. (It was seriously like one of those heinous challenges on The Biggest Loser. My biceps are aching.) Then this morning I taught the third and final sock workshop, where my nine ladies got to finish the toes and learn Kitchener stitch. (I forgot to take the group picture til after three girl had already left. Sorry, ladies!) After the class, I dragged out my sewing machine and proceeded to break FIVE NEEDLES in the process of mending the Snook’s ripped jeans. (Note to self: buy needles specially for denim.) I also made some real progress on Matt’s Scarf. The Snook went on a husbandly crusade and proceeded to fix our leaking shower before making a massive batch of Ron’s “Blue Stater’s Texas Chili”, which was so good.

Oh! And I went for a run, in the course of which I finally met the not-so-mythical Goat of Chippendale. His name is “Maxy” and he was a very nice goat. I just wish he had a girlfriend so I could get some fresh goat’s milk!

Me and the Goat of Chippendale

Phew. I’m oddly still feeling slightly unenthusiastic about jumping back online. No idea why. I’ve lost my digital mojo a bit, it seems.

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  1. I so hope you don’t lose your ‘digital mojo’. I love reading your blog – it lets me glimpse whole worlds of digital and popular culture that I’d otherwise know nothing about.

    And great community work with the fruit trees!

  2. Happens to us all Kris! looks like you are making the most of life. Don’t worry about us, put the laptop down, you’re not under any kind of obligation, you know?

  3. Not sure about that chili recipe. My hubby is still a follower of the Guzman y Gomez recipe for their chili con carne, which is wonderful. This one looked, I don’t know, lacking in the beer front mostly. What was it like?

  4. Hey, take a few days off from the internet, RT! I was feeling the same way a couple of months ago… I mean, with blogging, twitter, and facebook it gets to be overload. I cut out twitter and have scaled back on the facebooking a bit- I definitely enjoy blogging the most, though, so I cut back on the others as to not lose all enthusiasm.

  5. Wait, you have the actual Guzman recipe? Where’d you get that?!

    Ron’s chili is a different sort than I usually make, but it’s a nice change having the bits of steak in there.

  6. Yeah, it was on the ABC website when they first opened in Newtown… looks like it’s been removed. I can send you it though if you like? It’s goood.

    Though I did find this while I was googling:

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