And we’re back!
Sorry about the down-time. I assumed there was some sort of server hiccup when the site when down last night, but it turns out that my domain name had expired! The emails go to my old address, which has become such a spam trap that I never saw them. (And Yahoo don’t seem to let you set up forwarding rules.) I tried to renew the domain at this morning, but their stupid website kept rejecting my credit card. It appears to have been a problem with their “Verified by Visa” system, as the Snook’s card (which hadn’t been enrolled in VbV) worked just fine. I’m really annoyed at Joker for not responding to any of my help requests. I used them because they were cheap, but obviously there’s a big trade-off in customer service. I think I’ll be transferring my domains elsewhere…


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  1. I’ve just had to renew mine too. I use which seemed the cheapest i could find a few years ago. Never had to use their customer support so can’t comment on how good that is.

  2. I’ve had a good long-term customer relationship with, although you are somewhat victim to the vagaries of the exchange rate with the euro. Still pretty darn cheap & never had an issue with them.

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