Trip to Blaxland

Trip to Blaxland – “Welcome to the Knitternet” World Tour
A couple weeks ago I got an email from Merrin, Convenor of the Blue Mountains Guild group, asking if I would visit them and give my Knitternet presentation again. Why not? So yesterday morning I caught the train to Blaxland along with Lyn and Fran of the IC group. Lee and Margarita met us there, so we had quite a contingent from the city! It turns out that Blaxland isn’t nearly as far into the mountains as I expected. The meeting is at the local library/community center, and the hall was large and comfortable. It was really neat seeing how a different convenor conducts her meetings. Merrin doesn’t seem to bother with the bureaucracy that we do (approving minutes and such, all a relic of the previous Convenor really). She has this great bell that she rings to start the meeting though, and whenever folks get a little too loud. (Note to self: I WANT A BELL.) I had my presentation in a little side room, and about half the group came in for it (15-20 people). It was great! They had a wide range of internet experience, and I had good questions and suggestions from around the room. They all seemed excited to get the handout with all the links we’d suggested, and I heard more than one person say she was going to get right on Ravelry. Very gratifying! The six of us caught the train back to the city and had a merry time, knitting and laughing through the rain. I’ve been invited to do it again at the Southern Highlands group in a few months, so there may be another Expotition on the cards in the future!

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  1. All sounds most excellent.

    BTW, have you found YarnPhone on your iphone yet? Just played with it – it should pull up any nearby yarnshops (that are in the rav system, it’s made by Casey) andyou can save it as if it were an app onto your home page. Works here!

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