Can I play too? All the cool kids are jumping onto this new meme. I can’t resist. I’m not a gay man, though, so I changed one question a little bit.

I have: to start going to the gym more often.
I see: the gray and rainy streets of London.
I hate: getting up in the mornings.
I miss: Mountain Dew. In a big way.
I wonder: if I’ll be here this time next year.
I find: myself becoming more and more like my mother.
I want: my student loan creditors off my back.
I regret: falling out of touch with some of my best friends from college.
I need: self-washing laundry.
I wish: my little brother good luck at college.
I fear: death. Seriously.
I hear: my sister whining that she needs the computer to see if one of her three boyfriends e-mailed her.
I love: Snookums.
I smell: nothing. My allergies are killing me.
I crave: a Tivo. I miss watching TV.
I feel: like I’m doing all right.

When was the last time you…
Talked to an ex: six months ago
Kissed someone: when I woke up this morning
Were sarcastic: What time is it? 🙂
Laughed: last night when one of my Sims got abducted by aliens
Cried: watching the Buffy season two finale a few weeks ago
Had a nightmare: within the last week
Danced: Snookums and I dance all the time. We conga up the stairs.
Smiled: this morning
Bought something: two weeks ago, a new bra from Marks & Spencer

Last book you read: Bill Bryson “Down Under”
Last song you heard: “Perfect Gentleman” by Wyclef Jean
Last movie you saw: “Cats and Dogs”
Last thing you had to drink: Guinness
Last time you showered: Uhhhhh… Didn’t I mention I spent 12 hours in front of the computer yesterday?
Last thing you ate: Papa John’s “All the Meats” Pizza, Cheesy Bread, and Breadsticks

Do you…
Smoke: Nope.
Do drugs: Come on. My family read this!
Live in the moment: I’m pretty much incapable of doing anything but.
Sleep with stuffed animals: They’re in the vacinity, but not in the bed.
Have sex: Again, I refer to the fact that my Grandpa’s probably reading this right now.
Play an instrument: trumpet through the 10th grade.
Have a dream that keeps coming back: Yes, being chased and running, running, running
Believe there is life on other planets: I suppose.
Consider yourself tolerant of others: Definitely.
Remember your first love? Yes.
Have any gay friends? Gay, lesbian, bi. I got ’em all. (This was the question I changed.)
Read the newspaper? Yes, though mostly just to rant at Victoria “Pretentious Ass” Harvey.
Still love your first love? No way. (You can’t hear me, but I’m laughing hysterically.)
Believe in miracles: I want to.
Have a favorite candy? Not really. You can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter though.
Wish on stars? Yes.
Believe in God: I dunno.
Believe in magic: I wish.
Believe in astrology? Not. I still read it though.
Like the taste of alcohol: Most of it.
Hate yourself? More often than is healthy.
Talk to strangers who IM you: Occasionally. I get lots through my Dahl site.
Have any bad habits: Procrastination, going into work late, obsessively reading Star Wars and Harry Potter spoilers on the Internet.
Like your handwriting: Not really, but I’m too lazy to change it.
Collect anything? Roald Dahl stuff.
Have a secret crush? It’s not a secret. I adore “Oz” from Buffy.
Have any piercings? Three total in my ears, and used to have one in my navel.
Have any tattoos: Yes. My last act of teenage rebellion.
Go to church: Nope.
Have any pets: Animals scare me.
Wear hats: rarely, only if I’m having a really bad hair day.
Pray: Not since I was a kid.
Believe in ghosts: I don’t know if I believe in them, but I’m sure scared of them.
Care about looks? Not obsessively.
Believe in Satan: Didn’t Anne Rice make the argument that Satan doesn’t exist because no one would take such a crappy job?
Believe in witches? I know some people think they’re witches. Whether they can actually *do* anything is another matter.
Have a best friend: I never used to. I never found anybody who “got” me completely. I think Snookums is the first.

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  1. spent the day out in the berkshires getting the dress fitted…just got back and have to pretend i put in an eight hour day…here you are, already giving me something to procrastinate even more tomorrow.

    thanks. 😉

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