Professional Organizer

Seriously? The idea of a professional organiser coming to my house and sorting out all our STUFF makes me swoon. That would be so awesome.


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  1. Oh yeah! I actually looked into having it done.. then realised I’d rather pay myself the same rate and buy something really cool 😀

  2. Oh God, yes please! I have resorted to piling everything into storage containers and piling them up in the laundry. One day they will topple over and kill me as I unload the washing machine. I’m sure it will be deserved too.

  3. I actually like going through stuff and aorting it. Most of all I love getting rid of it – stuff I don’t use oppresses me. I had to get rid of all the stuff that my late partner had accumulated (and that was not long after a major declutter when we moved) and it has left me with a horror of too much stuff. Three piles (keep, give away, chuck), good storage for what you keep, and an afternoon spent working your way through a room at a time. I can’t imagine having someone come in, except I suppose they would challenge you about the stuff you wanted to keep and make you be honest about it.

    We have got rid of so much stuff since we moved in together (including a lot of old yarn that went to charity), and we still have more to go. It takes time, but we do it together, which probably helps.

  4. nope. I can’t think of too many things worse than a stranger sorting my stuff. eek. 😀

  5. Nah, see, that’s a sign you’re too attached to it. Did you ever watch that “Your Life on the Lawn” show? (Granted, I think it only lasted a couple episodes.) I want them to put the shit in the WOOD CHIPPER, BABY.

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