Happiness – experiences or possessions?

Which gives greater happiness – experiences or possessions? Snookums and I discussed that article last week and both agreed that we are way happier spending money on experiences rather than objects. That Iron Chef dinner was probably the most needlessly extravagant thing we’ve ever purchased, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’ll remember that forever. A co-worker was surprised recently when he found out that we don’t have wedding rings. But I don’t see how any piece of jewelry could possibly make me as happy as our goofy wedding in Vegas. That said… we both do have iPhones, and we love them. So we’re not completely anti-materialistic…


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  1. I really do think the whole Buddhist tenet (and I’m ignorantly paraphrasing here) that attachment to material things can be a significant cause of pain and distress. Sure, you buy some great stuff, but the second it gets scratched, broken or lost, poof, that good feeling is turned on its head.

    At least this is what I tell myself to justify my compulsion to shop @ thrift stores and yard sales… 😉

  2. The Boy and I firmly believe that experiences outweigh possessions, which is why we want to spend all our money travelling instead of getting a humongous mortgage. Possessions are cool too, but a good experience is definitely better. Now to try to explain that to the mother-in-law…

  3. I think experiences. I love my stash, but it doesn’t bring me the greatest pleasure. Actually knitting it is more fun than accumulating it. The Hawaiian wedding was one of the happiest days of my life! We got rings though – Hawaiian themed ones bought while we were there

  4. I’m a little bit of both. I do love my ‘stuff’ but do prefer experiences. Hubby and I don’t really buy each other presents for birthday/xmas etc If there is something that the other really wants we will try and get it, for example my birthday last month I really wanted Where the Wild Things Are book before the movie gets released.

    As for the rings, that’s a good point. I personally don’t get the whole spend a lot of money on some bling. Our rings are pretty simple and cost less than a good night on the town 😀

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