See, this is why I gotta donate blood here. Because they don’t even want my stuff in the U.S.!


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  1. Yep, I hear ya. Canada considers me a disease carrying monkey, even though I’ve been, almost ten years (bar one trip back home)
    I wouldn’t mind but they STILL BEG FOR ME TO DONATE! Until they realize what I am, heh

  2. the screening questions they ask are totally outdated…i mean if you’re a monogamous, safe-sex practicing gay man, you’re barred from donating. yet any garden variety slut (female or male) can donate as much as they’d like.

    and don’t get me started on the whole year sabbatical i had to take when i got my tattoo…i’ve worked in restaruants that were filthier than the place i got my knot. the guy who did it almost pitched a fit when i nearly put my bag (it’s not a purse) down in his sterile work area…

  3. The way I look at it is this: They’re low on blood, and are desperate for donars. Fine. Why not have a seperate banked pool for all the people who are in good health, but are barred for the sake of whatever. British people can donate blood to be used ON British people..does that make sense? Just turning people down, and then bitching about being so low, that’s just avoidable.

  4. I’ve been denied twice now. First over my tattoo, and then over my ear piercing. This is the first time in ages I’ll be able to do it. And if my blood has to go to a Brit, so be it.

    I think the gay men thing is ridiculous as well. I mean, if it’s about, you know, certain sexual practices, then I’m sure that would outlaw quite a section of heterosexuals as well.

  5. as if i’d know if i’d had sex with a guy who had to take “clotting factors!” don’t get me wrong, i haven’t been around the block more than a few times, but i didn’t exactly ask if they were a hemophiliac before we got nekkid.

  6. You just made iced coffee shot out my nose. Which, interestingly, was not an entirely unpleasant experience. (It’s hot in here.) 🙂

  7. glad to be of service. 😉

    it’s pretty gaddang hot ovah heah as well. that’s what i should have asked for my birthday–an aeron chair!

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