I was missing home today. Alex and I got into a debate at work over the meaning of the phrase “Indian summer”. They use it here in Britain too, and he’s always thought it had something to do with India and the Raj and all that. I, on the other hand, thought it had to do with Native Americans. I think I’ve found proof that I’m right. Then the network died so Alex went to get us all iced coffees at the shop… which made me think of afternoon Dairy Queen runs at my old job. God, what I wouldn’t give for a frozen hot chocolate right now, and then to head home and dive into the lake for a swim. I never realized how nice it was where I lived before.


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  1. i’ll hit the DQ for you and maybe the bell for lunch. 😉 Don’t worry – i may just try that freeze-dried thingy, but if I bring it, you have to eat it. Heehee

    and don’t miss it too much. It’s hot as the bejesus here!

  2. Must… Have… Gordita… Bastard! *clunk* (Kris faints from the combination of intense Taco Bell craving and a low blood supply.)

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