Ban on Flavored Tobacco

Waitwaitwait… The FDA has banned flavored tobacco? No more clove cigarettes; no more fruit-flavored Swisher Sweets? My disaffected inner college girl is, like, totally bummed. (Link courtesy of Kevin.)

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  1. What what whaaaaat??? WHY??? There is some serious nostalgia involved in those little sin sticks and this does not make me happy at all. That was what we smoked in high school in the church parking lot around the corner from the high school…my first little taste of sweet sweet rebellion….geez. That’s absolutely ridiculous! That’s like saying you can’t drink flavored vodka but the regular stuff is ok…it will still rot your liver in excess but at least you won’t enjoy it?? waaaah??!!!! i wish they would spend more time getting some of the dangerous synthetic drugs off the market than this poo. Gimme a break.

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