Red Dawn

Dust StormRed Dawn
I woke up before the alarm this morning, and I could tell as soon as I opened my eyes that something weird was going on. Normally the sun is shining brightly through our bedroom window. Today all I could see was orangey-red, like the world had turned into a badly-faded photograph from the 70’s. I grabbed my iPhone from the nightstand and took this picture. Then I jumped on Twitter and saw that everyone was talking about the dust storm (and making Dune jokes). It’s eerie. The SMH has an article with lots of pictures. I think some schools are closed, and people with asthma are supposed to stay in. The Snook claimed that he was able to “smell” the dust, but I’m not getting anything. (Not unexpected considering my allergies are GOING NUTS right now.) I checked on the garden, and everything’s doing all right in spite of the dust and the wind. The cats seem fascinated by it.

Edited to add: Here’s a really nice Flickr gallery.

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  1. Thanks to early morning planes shaking the house we too woke just before dawn to Mars in our bedroom.

    Seriously odd.

    Wish I hadn’t left the bathroom window open…

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