The Wonder of Wool

“The wonder of wool… or how knitting is once again helping us through the hard times.” Interesting that the UK is reporting increased sales. I have to wonder if it’s really wool though. In my experience, newbies tend to go for the cheap acrylic (especially if they’re looking for a price-conscious hobby). And whatever Ginger Spice is knitting there is mostly definitely NOT wool. I do have to laugh at the idea that Kimberley Stewart would rather stay in and knit than go out and party. Sure, riiiiiiiiiight. (Link courtesy of Alysha‘s twitter feed.)


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  1. most of the photos seem to show celebs with nothing actually on the needles or little squares of something… oh, maybe they’re all getting gauge?riiiight, indeed.

  2. Of course wool here, like in Australia historically meant all yarn – I’d imagine the bright sparks at the daily mail won’t have updated…

    Ginger Spice now appears to be blonde spice, too!

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